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HUGE Discounts!

Numerous utility providers across the country currently offer rebates for businesses to switch to LED lighting. But, usually, that requires the customer or electrician to complete all the rebate paperwork (which is time-consuming). Not only that, but they’re also required to purchase the LED lights at full price and apply for the rebate 8-10 weeks after the installation is complete.

We’ve made it easier!
Since we’re in the business of helping electricians do more business, we know that selling a customer on LED lights at no upfront cost is a much easier sale! Who wants to pay full price and then wait months for a rebate check! Instead, we receive the rebate check, meaning your customer often only has to pay shipping and tax up front. We want to make it as easy as possible for your customer to have LED lights installed!

retrofit LED lights, Electrician Service Company, retrofit LED Kits

Working With Your

Utility Provider

We’ve worked with utility providers all over the country to process rebates. We always make sure to research current policies before providing you with the estimate for your client.

retrofit LED Kits
retrofit LED Kits
retrofit LED Kits, retrofit LED lights, Electrician Service Company

Our Services Are Free

We know that things which sound too good to be true usually are. But we promise that’s not the case. 

As an electrician you’ll never pay to use our services. In fact, we’ll pay you a bonus for every completed job just for being part of our RETROFIT network.

So how do we make money? The same way your lighting vendor does. On the LED lights. The only major difference is, we don’t ask your customers to pay upfront for the materials. Instead, you only pay a small amount of these hugely discounted lights, after your customer pays you. Nothing upfront!

What could be easier?